Local Craft Enterprises

Most Sundays, I spent my time helping out with the running the local farmers market; Athboy Stables Famers Market www.athboyfarmersmarket.ie.

I assist to two local startups with advice, one food & organic farming and craft, wood. Two similar themes occured, the lack of information to young entrepreneurs from the education sector, and or, now you have navigated the statup up and running maze, and now hit the stage of so where to go next? How can I continue to grow. Athboy Stables

Both are using Facebook to generate business awareness, and are content using this medium for marketing & sales generation.


Artisan Business







This begs a question for enterprises :   Where do you go for information & more importantly assistance?

Organisations that are not manufacturing, exporting or have a high potential
HPSU’s. and under the wing of either the local enterprise boards or Enterprise Ireland / IDA are left trying to fend from themselves, they do not come fully into the remit of the local county enterprise boards, CEB’s.
This is where we help out.

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