People dont buy what you do, they buy You

People don’t buy what you do, but why you do it, your beliefs & passion. People buy you and secondary (not necessarily) your product.

Today, I watched a video which briefly analysed Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech ‘I have a dream’, not the words that he announced, but the context of the speech. I have a dream oraratory is about a goal, a vision, not a ten point plan, that politicians are so in favour of delivering. Does this inspire confidence in you?

There was no internet, radio or television advertising to create the public awareness of the speech, 250,000 people watch and listened to Dr. King give this, word of mouth was used to generate awareness, and those who attended believed in the word of mouth of those that spread the word, they bought what those who believed in Dr. King was about, their passion, belief’s.

Think about JFK and his vision of landing a man on the moon before the decade was over, he set a challenge, and let those that were ultimately able to do the technical aspects of this to do the work. They bought into his passion, same with Dr. King.

I’m going to throw out a question to those that are Apple fan’s, why do you buy an apple product, mac, iphone, nano, and the other products?

Is it the why, the what or the how that makes you buy ?

Early adopters get the why of products, they spend the money before the product is rarely even commercially reviewed, and they take the chssssssance. If I commented that the passion about Apple and its products is they challenge the status quo, and think differently about the environment we live in‘. Would this comment ring true?

Many companies have product lines that compete with products that Apple have, but would you consider them innovative compared to Apple products, probably not, why? They are as innovative as Apple, think Samsung, Dell, HP, other consumer related manufactures & retailers. Do they inspire the same reverence as Apple.

So do people buy you, your passion, belief’s and your confidence or just your products/service. Think of the last sales pitch you gave, your efforts – win or loose?     You need to have passion, belief in yourself, this confidence is projected onto others. Entrepreneurs, work many hours on their products, devote countless hours to perfecting their offering, getting so involved with their business, often at the detriment of personal commitments. But when they get in front of clients, this passion shines out.

We recently had a meeting with a person who could be a champion for our business. We explained our business, our passion in working with rural business, our confidence in our abilities in helping clients.  We were not selling a service or product, just ourselves.

This clip is a classic example, Dragon’s Den show in Ireland, watch how the pitch is delivered, the confidence, the belief in herself, and the product secondly. The investors bought into her and then her product.

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