Innovation Workshops

Brian Andrews & Grainne Cleare, The Business Planners

"The Ballymun Business Academy (BBA) provides training to entrepreneurs to enable them to stress test their strategic vision and reassess the company’s strategic direction. Brian and Grainne were contracted by the Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership in November 2012 to deliver a training module within BBA. In many entrepreneurship courses the focus is predominately on administering tools to aid entrepreneurs, however, Brian and Grianne’s module focused on creativity, aiding individuals on a journey of discovery, invention and innovation.    Knowing how to incorporate innovation in work and teams is crucial in order to create thriving workplaces.  Brian and Grianne’s module specifically looked at incorporating innovation skills into the young companies embarking upon the course,  presenting various approaches to innovation; open innovation, design thinking – Verganti and D-school and radical Vs. incremental  innovation. This module was extremely inspiring for participating entrepreneurs and was well received due to the module delivery and the dynamic way of thinking instigated by the trainers.  The Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership would incorporate Brian and Grainne’s creative training practices into future entrepreneurial programmes and in programmes to facilitate long term unemployed people to access labour market opportunities within their communities."


Fiona Louise Descoteaux,  Acting Chief Executive Officer

Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership

May 23, 2013


Project Manager – Rural Business

" Both Brian and Grainne have been working with eight Famers Markets in County Meath since January 2012, and have provided a focused analysis of the "state of the art" in terms of the markets current situation, potential for development and clear pathways for investment both in terms of capital and skills enhancement requirements.

As dedicated partitioners in the field.. they bring first hand knowledge and a pragmatic approach to this project taliered to their clients needs. It is apparent that they have and can deliver results in an efficient and effective manner maximising the level of resources available. "

Michael Ludlow,  CEO, Meath Partnership

May 19, 2012


Digital Project Manager

"Brian joined us at Snap as part of his DCU Business Innovation Program. Our project at Snap was to introduce 6 new commercial products to Snap, over 6 months. Brian acted as Project Manager for the exercise. Working with Group Office, he completed the commercial negotiations and planned the rollout of the new products. A clear, precise and practically implementable method for rolloing out the products was developed by Brian and Grainne from DCU, with Snap's group office team. The methodology included developing sales collateral, training guides, delivering training courses and go-live support. The cohort for training included sales, customer service, operational, design and senior owner/manager level staff across all 22 Snap centres in Ireland. The project was succesfully delivered.

Brian was a great contributor to the project. As Project Manager, he kept the project on track, and on time. Commercially, he's astute. In a training environment, he interacts well with colleagues and has strong interpersonal skills.

I highly recommend Brian as a professional and in the context of business innovation projects. Snap benefitted greatly from his particpation in our project and we're grateful for this."

John Eager,  CEO, Snap

July 28, 2011


Project Manager

" I cannot praise Brian enough, he is a brilliant technical resource with excellent customer handling skills and a real pleasure to work with. "

Mark Duffy, Service Delivery Manager, Ireland, Esp.co.uk

Nov 01, 2011