Develop a Culture of Innovation

This involves a number of information sessions and workshops including:
1. Open Innovation – getting ideas from and working with people from within and from outside your organisation
2. Design Thinking – How to use your customer as inspiration – giving them what they want, even if they didn’t know they wanted it.
3. Establishing an idea management system – how to stimulate and manage creativity long-term in the workplace
4. Looking at the habits of successfully innovative companies
5. Looking at the incentives that are available to companies who want to develop their innovative capabilities.
6. Developing a roadmap that will build a culture of innovation within your organisation with long term assistance and advise at all stages.


Developing New Business Ideas

1. Go out and observe – look at the market, talk to your customers.
2. Identify those areas that require new thinking – what is your strategic direction?

  • What problems are you solving?
  • Could you create a new market?
  • Do you need a new product or does an existing product need changes?
  • Where possible we can carry out this research.

3. Brainstorming – using various methods, brainstorm for new ideas
4. Group the ideas and refine them ensuring that successful ideas are in-line with you company’s strategic direction
5. Create a business case for the resulting ideas