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In today’s business environment it’s often instinctive to hold your cards close to your chest, keeping problems and challenges to yourself, for fear of being perceived as lacking. But realistically, we all have challenges and problems in business, and “no man is an island.” We must learn to engage and collaborate with each other if we are to succeed in the new business climate.

I was recently at an event in the NDRC, National Digital Reserch Centre in Dublin #femalefounders. I was talking to one of the project officers about startups. Our conversations lead into a discussion on the benefits of sharing an idea, letting others know what you are doing, trying to achieve and bouncing ideas / problems off another. We were talking about the learning and sharing curves of startups, how they go from being insular in their concept to realisation of sharing their ideas with others, being creative, allowing feedback, both good and bad has enormous benefits. We both shared our experiences on this roadmap that we had experienced and clients had traversed.

Many of clients that I have mentored are solo entrepreneurs, isolated from others in the view point that their idea could be taken and used, but we all have realise that we are a helpful society. We try to help others, give them a step up their journey ladder, we all have our ideas and the majority of times, in my opinion, too preoccupied to worry about adoption somebody else's idea.

Do you remember when you were young playing ball against a wall, you could anticipate where the return would land, it was predictive and seldom did you miss, but where is the challenge or enjoyment in that. Play against a dashed or irregular wall, the return ball had a chance to go anywhere, it kept you on your toes, ready to anticipate a deviation. This is the same with people, you must get out of the office, share your ideas with others, it will amaze you what roads you can travel.

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