Writing a Good Concept

Writing a Good Concept

The difference between a concept and an idea is akin to that of the difference between a grocery shopping list and a recipe.

Writing a good concept takes:

  • Investing in your time, it takes more than 5 minutes
  • Give yourself space, change your environment, get out of your office & comfort zone
  • Involve others, dont accept first attempt,

Elements needed to write a good concept

  1. Title/Concept Name
  2. Insight
  3. Benefit
  4. Reason to Believe
  5. Strapline / tagline

Do’s & Dont’s


  • Follow the five steps
  • Make sure the insight is relevant and easy-to-follow
  • Keep to one basic description / theme
  • Give an idea of the size of the product if relevant
  • Keep words to a minimum (80 words is maximum)
  • Write short, precise sentences in ‘normal’ language
  • The central message should be at the beginning of sentence
  •  Read the concept aloud


  • Exaggerate
  • Assume consumers will understand something totally new but remember they arenʼt stupid and need to be convinced there is a real benefit
  • Patronise or be over familiar / too friendly
  • Over-do the positioning / imagery or tell consumers how they think or feel !(donʼt use ʻyouʼ)
  • Over-sell, exaggerate or be too positive
  • Over-use catch words or phrases
  • Use negative phrasing – the concept should leave you feeling positive
  • Avoid repetitions – do not over-use key words

Writing Concepts

  • Average concept has 100 words or less
  • A concept must…   Explain the idea or proposition clearly and realistically, to understand whether consumers find it appealing

• A concept should also…

  • Attract attention, be distinctive (break through competitive clutter)
  • Be memorable (be funny or riveting)
  • Be centred in consumer language and experience
  • Be founded on deepest possible insight

For early-stage concepts, test the appeal of the idea

A later stage concept is more often a proxy for advertising copy

– More sophisticated graphics and always in colour

Our Challenge

–       How to convert raw, often technical data into symbols and metaphor that connect with our consumers and persuade them that a brand that they love has come up with something that will make their lives better!

–       Writing good concepts is a skill that comes from being able to write well generally

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