Innovation, Creativity & Idea Generation

Innovation, creativity and idea generation.

We have prepared a series of workshops to assist established organisations to understand the current status of the company, to open their minds and explore new avenues & ideas and develop a plan for the future.2014-03-05 11.32.28

The long term aim of these sessions is to encourage participants to appreciate the importance of creativity in the workplace and to this end we will provide them with guidelines on how to optimise the creative potential of their business. 


Identify the business challenge

Where ideas come from – differing perspectives


Idea Potential and Long-term Creativity2014-03-05 11.47.47

Potential Outcomes:

  1. Participants will understand the importance of creativity and imagination
  2. Participants will learn how to look at their business objectively
  3. Participants will learn tools that will help them identify with their customer in order to generate ideas.
  4. Participants will learn tools for brainstorming
  5. Participants will have a plan of action to encourage ongoing creativity
  6. Participants will have a business idea that they have validated at a high level by mapping it on a business model canvas.

These will be rolled out over the summer.


If you are interested in attending these, please contact us2014-03-05 12.07.09









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